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In the late 1980's there weren't many instrumental bands. Few played brutally direct instrumental music like the Dutch band Gore. They released a number of albums, including a split LP with Rollins Band and toured extensively in Europe and the UK.

Gore have been long overlooked, all the more reason to reissue their signature album Mean Man's Dream. By the way, the "GORE" in our name was a link to the Dutch instrumental band GORE. The band which inspired us to use no vocals.
Morten Gass of
Bohren und der Club of Gore.

Gore's single-minded musical direction created a foundation for any number of male-dominated bands of the late '80s and early '90s bands that grew out of hardcore and punk, sidestepped the Sub Pop grunge machine and AmRep sleaze pits, and leaned into music that was as serious as it was aggressive. Bitch Magnet, Slint, Bastro, Don Caballero, Dazzlingkillmen and about a dozen other outfits of that stripe all owe Gore a large debt of gratitude, for they were all able to add their own touches to Gore's simple formula and make it their own. Black metal, as a whole, should also be thanking Gore for helping to voice miserable, horrifying thoughts into a cohesive musical whole; scrape away the layers of distortion and screaming, and you will inevitably find the same elements of songcraft standing bolt upright in the damning sun. The "Gore" in the German band Bohren und Der Club of Gore - you guessed it.

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Originally formed in 1986 by Rob Frey on bass, Pieter De Sury on guitar and Danny Arnold Lommen on drums, they released two albums "Hart Gore" and "Mean Man's Dream".

After the release of the third album "Wrede- The Cruel Peace" the band is disbanded.

From 1992 Rob Frey starts to release some albums under the GORE banner again, assisted by Johan van Reede on guitar and Bardo Maria on drums.

The band (name) was an inspiration for Bohren & Der Club Of Gore.30

Discography (Selective)

• "Hart Gore" (Eksakt Records) - 1986
• "Mean Man’s Dream" (Eksakt Records) - 1987
• "Henry Rollins / Gore" (Eksakt Records) - 1987
• "Wrede - The Cruel Peace" (Magadisc) - 1987
• "Lifelong Deadline" (Armageddon) - 1992
• "Mest/694’3" (Messback Music) - 1997
• "Slow-Death" (Messback Music) - 1997

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1/ Cable Regime – White Subway (Action/Sound)

2/ Cop Shoot Cop – Chameleon Man

3/ Cop Shoot Cop – Suck City (Here We Come)

4/ Nox – Never Enough

5/ Nox – Encore (Rough Mixes)

6/ Caspar Brötzmann-Massaker

7/ Gore / Hoer* – Stroke

8/ Gore / Hoer* – None (Test-Recordings)

9/ Fall Of Because – Grind (Manipulation 91)

10/ Grill – Cherumen

11/ Grill – Titan


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