Mortar (Various artists) - モルタル


Numerical Reissue
Originally by PDCD

Le label allemand P.D.C.D. a eu la bonne idée de sortir dans les années 1990 une compilation reprenant l'essentiel de son vaste catalogue. Avec des titres de CABLE REGIME, COP SHOOT COP, NOX, Caspar BRÖTZMANN-MASSAKER, GORE, FALL OF BECAUSE (Justin K. Broadrick) et GRILL. 11 titres Noise et Drone. Une compilation culte qui représente parfaitement la scène Noise underground de cette période. Atypeek Music dans le cadre du partenariat avec PDCD, diffuse la première édition numérique de cette compilation sur l'ensemble des plateformes mondiales.

French alternative/DIY noise label Go Get Organized may have only released records for four years but had a big enough impact to come back under a new name, firstly as Agony in 1993 and now as a digital label «Atypeek Music» run by Christophe Féray. He’s dusted off a monster ‘90s compilation here originally put out neighbouring imprint PDCD, but one that shares his own label’s ideals: dirty and distorted biker bar guitar on Nox’s ‘Never Enough’, Cop Shoot Cop’s hoarse-voiced thrash-attack ‘Suck City’ and white noise industrial monolith ‘Grind’ from Fail Of Because. You can practically taste the spray paint and safety pins: forget dubstep, this is the filthiest sound young minds can handle!

The German label P.D.C.D. had the brilliant idea in 90’s to issue a compilation that includes the essential part of their catalogue, with tracks by CABLE REGIME, COP SHOOT COP, NOX, CASPAR BRÖTZMANN-MASSAKER, GORE, FALL OF BECAUSE (Justin K. Broadrick) and GRILL. A cult compilation which represents perfectly the noise scene of this period. Atypeek Music in the context of the partnership with "PDCD" diffuse the first digital edition of this compilation on all the world platforms. Nox: Recorded and mixed at ON/OFF studio (Paris). Caspar Brötzmann-Massaker: Recorded live at CCAM (Nancy) during Music International 90. Gore/Hoer: HOER's first loot has been STEREO. It is the result of the collaboration with the Amsterdam located dance choreographer Xander Vervoort, who, inspired by GORE, made an invitation to compose the dancetracks to his latest dance piece, STEREO. Through this invitation the making of music got a new perspective. The invitation became assignment. Making music on demand. Therefor it wasn't possible to go under the flag of GORE, which was enough of a reason to create HOER. Fall Of Because: Original version recorded mid'86, sampled and generally torn apart-february'91. Grill: Recorded live in Exyl, February'91.

Features mostly exclusive cuts from Fall Of Because (pre-Godflesh) ["Grind (Manipulation '91)"], Cable Regime ["White Subway (action/sound)"], Caspar Brötzmann-Massaker ["Massaker

(live @ CCAM, Nancy, France, 1990)"], Cop Shoot Cop ["Chameleon Man/Suck City"], Gore/Hoer ["Stroke/None (test recordings)"], Grill ["Cherumen/Titan"], and Nox ["Never Enough/Encore (rough mixes)"].


1/ Cable Regime – White Subway (Action/Sound)

2/ Cop Shoot Cop – Chameleon Man

3/ Cop Shoot Cop – Suck City (Here We Come)

4/ Nox – Never Enough

5/ Nox – Encore (Rough Mixes)

6/ Caspar Brötzmann-Massaker

7/ Gore / Hoer* – Stroke

8/ Gore / Hoer* – None (Test-Recordings)

9/ Fall Of Because – Grind (Manipulation 91)

10/ Grill – Cherumen

11/ Grill – Titan

First release at PDCD


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